Pleased to inform about the upcoming CREO Valley’s Digital Film Making Workshop tentatively planned from 2nd to 4th June 2017 at Bangalore in our campus.

During the workshop, sessions will help you hone your vision, organize your workflow plan, develop audio, narrative, editing techniques and perfect your pitch. It will promote an open, interactive and creative atmosphere. Days are packed with hands-on practice, lively discussion and much more. All participants will receive participation certificate from “CREO Valley”.

Please note while it is a paid event for external students, any CREO Valley student can attend for free. Further details can be found below.

Speakers at Workshop:

  •  Karan Razdan (Director, Actor & Writer): Mr. Karan Razdan is an Director, Producer and Actor of Bollywood movies. He was married to Rajani series actor, Priya Tendulkar. He is famed for directing movies like Mr. Bhatt on Chutti, Mittal vs Mittal, Girlfriend etc. He also wrote and directed the hit TV series of mid 80s, Rajani. Movies for which he acted are Kasam Paida karne wale ki, Tum laut Aao,J eevan Dhara, Disco Dancer, Zara si Zindagi.
  •   Unni Vijayan (National Award 2011 – Editing): Mr Unni Vijayan is a well-known Director and Editor, his film ‘Lessons In Forgetting’, based on author Anita Nair’s book of the same name was awarded National Award. He is a Graduate from Filmand Television Institute of India (FTII). He has since then worked with many directors as an editor till he got a call from Arrowana studios to make ‘good cinema.’
  •   Navroze Contractor (Cinematographer): Mr. Navroze Contractor grew up in Ahmedabad. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, specializing in painting and photography, from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. After graduating, he went on to pursue his interest in Film Direction and Cinematography at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. He also studied photography under the infamous Bhupendra Karia in India and the United States, and studied cinematography with Laszlo Kovacs in the United States. In addition, Mr. Contractor spent time learning the art of video production at Sony Corporation in Tokyo, Japan.
  •   Agast Anand: TV & Film Actor. Mr. Agast Anand has been a part of the media industry since 1995. As a Management graduate he has worked as a concept designer, program producer, programming manager and in charge of a variety of departments in Film and Television production. As a starting point in his career he had been part of theatre group in Fergusson College, Pune. He was part of the news coverage team for different broadcasting channels. He acted for several television serials Saptarishi, CID, AAhat, Astitva, Sapne Saajan Ke, Kashmakash Zindagi Ki, Raat Hone Ko Hai, Pyaar ke Do Naam, Ek Radha Ek Shyam, Akleche Tare and Tujha Ni Majha Jamena; for films To Mother With Love, Sodhu Kuthe. And also he has given voice over for Indian Railways, NABARAD, LIC etc. He has worked for different sectors media industry as a freelancer/ media consultant.


Tentative Plan: The plan of the workshop is:

  • Day 1 (June 2nd): All participants will spend time with the Teachers from the department of Film Making of CREO Valley. Focus is on the learning about the basics and introduction of Film Making areas including lectures on Direction, Cinematography, Editing etc.
  • Day 2 (June 3rd): The objective of the day is to provide hands on experience to all participants with the process of Film Making. The participants will work with the teachers from CREO Valley to develop a short film (maybe about 1 minute to 2 minute long). The exercise will be planned to address aspects of pre-production, production and post production.
  • Day 3 (June 4th): Experts from Film Industry would take teaching sessions with all the participants talking about the principles of the aspects of Film Making including sessions on Cinematography, Direction, Editing etc. Possibly a review of the short film made during Day 2 would be done by experts for a handful of selected films.
  • Day 4 (June 5th Monday): The day is reserved exclusively for the students of CREO Valley to spend time with Film Experts.
  • Note: The participants who are not students of CREO Valley end their workshop on Day 3 (June 4th). They will be awarded the certificate within a few days after completion of the workshop.


About CREO Valley School of Film & Television:

CREO Valley the organization, (literally meaning the Valley of Creativity) was founded with a vision of imparting education in the creative fields to budding artists who are looking for platforms to polish their skills and showcase their talents. CREO Valley aims to be the preparation ground for every youngster who wants to join the film Industry. CREO Valley School of Film and Television has launched its first center in Bangalore, in order to give the youngsters from different parts of the country a chance to learn the tricks of the trade. Being located in Bangalore (which is extremely well connected both with South and with Mumbai) gives the students studying here an added advantage of trying their luck out both with Bollywood and Sandalwood. Through our connections with agencies and production houses in both the mainstream cinema and South Indian film industry, the student studying here can get a chance to work in either industry in case their portfolio is chosen for available work.


How to Register for the workshop?
We will keep updating the website as we finalize the plan. In the meantime, if you are interested in registering for the workshop, please call us on +91 9036030591 or write to us on or


How much does it costs?

The event is free for any of the CREO Valley Students. External participants are charged as per below:

  • Early-bird Registration: Rs. 3000/- (for those reserving until end of day on 1st June 2017)
  • On the spot Registration:Rs. 4000/-

For those willing to register, please pay using the link here and send a payment confirmation email along with copy of receipt to Our team will reserve the seat for you after.


Where would it be held?


CREO Valley, Bangalore
Building #97, Umiya Emporium, 2nd Floor
Opposite Forum Mall, Koramangala (Dairy Circle side)
Bangalore, 560029

+91-9035048591, +91-9035030591,


Other terms and conditions:

  • Equipment: The use of film making equipment at CREO Valley is governed by the Equipment Use Policy and external participants are not allowed to use the equipment on their own. CREO Valley teachers
  • What equipment is available at CREO Valley? Please visit this link to learn about the equipment at the department of Film Making at CREO Valley. EQUIPMENT DETAILS HERE
  • Please note the Parking at CREO Valley campus is NOT included. The participants may be required to pay separately to a third party vendor for their parking needs.
  • Note the snacks, lunch etc is NOT included in the workshop for any of the participants.
  • Note the fees for the workshop is non refundable and non transferable under any circumstances. CREO Valley reserves the right to change, alter or cancel the workshop for any reason. If the workshop is cancelled by CREO Valley then the amount paid by participants for the workshop would be refunded.