Diploma in Jewelry & Accessory Design

The students are introduced to the creative planning of Jewelry Design.

1 Year


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Diploma , One Year , Short Term

One Year Short Term course in Jewelry & Accessory Design.

Certification: Students successfully completing the academic requirements of the course would be awarded a Professional Diploma Certificate from CREO Valley. CREO Valley is recognized by QAI (UK), FEDE (Paris) and Bharathiar University (under CPP Program) to offer Degree and Diploma courses in the field of Creativity, Design & Management.

Courses Details: The students are introduced to the creative planning of jewels. They will start with basic sketching exercise to understand 3D and transforming their ideas into 3D drawings and later get acquainted with rendering techniques. Introductory lectures on Metallurgy and Gemology, the shape and type of settings, theory and designing of Traditional Indian Jewellery layout and detailing, technical drawings, how to draw precious stones and presentation of ideas are given. These techniques will be explained and then applied in projects to get a better expression of each student’s creativity.
Diploma in Jewellery & Accessory Design looks for enthusiastic, energetic and talented students who are keen to define the future direction of contemporary jewellery. It values innovation and originality, and enjoys superb industry links. This course will suit you if you’re passionate about jewellery, keen to develop a wide range of skills and willing to seize the opportunities on offer.

Reasons to Apply?

CREO Valley’s Diploma of Jewelry & Accessory Design provides opportunity to learn and see the world as a Jewelry Designer and create your own original line.

  • Learn fundamental concepts of color theory and composition. From this base, you can begin to push the creative boundaries and create your own line.
  • Lay out patterns, string beads, use jump rings, spirals, right-angle weaves, French wire transitions and knotted necklaces, Danish clusters, and forging heavy-gauge wires. Master these and other building blocks and your design possibilities become boundless.
  • Understand business basics – budgets, costs, labor, and materials. Set sensible prices and pave the way for success.
  • Gain important photography skills to showcase your work to the best advantage. Move on to packaging and marketing techniques. We even cover the basics of copyright law. Our goal is to empower you as the artist you’ve become.
  • Use high-quality tools and beads provided with your course to complete projects and submit fabulous new pieces for your mentor to review.
  • Work with your mentor to create your own unique line of jewelry complete with pictures, packaging, business cards, table displays – all you need to thrive in your successful jewelry business.
What you will learn?
The curriculum addresses many topics including:

  • Introduction to jewelry and its components
  • Drawing and illustration of faceted and non-faceted gemstones
  • Settings in jewelry
  • Textures on metal
  • Designing various forms of jewelry
  • Gold calculation
  • Budgeting of the jewelry design
  • Gemology and diamonds grading

You will master a variety of techniques, including: sawing, filing, soldering, casting, forging and stone setting.

Courses proposed (subject to revisions)

  • Basic of design / color Appreciation
  • 3D : Material exploration, model making
  • Fashion/ accesories and Jewelery Culture
  • Observation Drawing
  • Technical Drafting
  • CAD/Computer
  • Jewelry Design Concept
  • Design & Manufacture
  • Metallurgy & Surface Science
  • Introduction to Gemology
  • Diamond Grading
  • Projects
  • Professional environment & guidance

Career Prospects: Imagine getting paid to use your creativity to dream up designs for beautiful jewellery. You can enjoy an exciting, creative, high-paying career when you become a jewellery designer! Jewellery designers are artists who spend their days defining style with their distinctive, eye-catching pieces. In this creative career you can find work as part of a busy design studio, although many jewellery designers choose the freedom, independence, and flexibility of running their own business.


CREO Valley School of Creativity, Design & Management is owned and operated by CREO Valley Foundation (owners of Saipath Education & Film Services Pvt Ltd). CREO Valley offers courses in association with College De Paris, France. The promoters group own and operate other esteemed institutions as LISAA School Of Design, Bangalore and CREO Valley School Of Film & Television. CREO Valley is recognized by QAI, UK and Federation of European Schools (FEDE) for its excellence in higher education.

Important Note: The information provided on the website is true at the time of creation of it. Please note any and all information provided here is subject to change. Please check with the school management for continuous updates and revisions to the information.


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