Introduction: The LISAA School Of Design, Bangalore & CREO Valley Schools, Bangalore Wireless LAN (named as Wi-Fi network below) is provided to facilitate and support teaching or academic activities required in the School.

The Wi-Fi network is part of the Campus Network which is managed and administered by the Saipath Education & Film Services Pvt Ltd. Use of the Wi-Fi network is governed by the guidelines and policies described in this document.

  • Proper Use: Wi-Fi network users should ensure their computer systems are properly configured and operated so that they do not cause inconveniences to other Wi-Fi network users and the campus network users.
    • Wi-Fi network is provided in support of teaching or related academic activities to access Campus Network and Internet in lecture theatres, classrooms (if required and asked by the teacher) and libraries. Use of Wi-Fi network for other purposes should be discussed with and approved by the academic staff
    • Wi-Fi network users should get their network addresses automatically; a valid network address will be granted when connected. Use of other network address is prohibited
    • Setting up routing or other special network functions is prohibited
    • Servers set up for the provision of ftp/web/vnc/telnet/ssh services for campus users are allowed subject to the following conditions:
    • No extensive loading that affects the performance of the campus network, nor monopolization of the campus network resources in terms of bandwidth. Server connections that violate these guidelines will be terminated without further notice.
    • For the support of teaching, research and student services
    • Not to harm the campus network. School reserves the right to prohibit the running of other servers which are harmful to the network (e.g. system services such as DHCP)
  • User Rights and Responsibilities: Wi-Fi network users have the following rights and responsibilities:
    • Producing excessive network traffic such as broadcasting and sending massive messages and unsolicited emails is prohibited.
    • Setting up routing or other special network functions is prohibited.
    • Development of networking software in Wi-Fi network is prohibited.
    • Sharing of accounts is prohibited.
    • Users are responsible at all time for using the Wi-Fi network in a manner that is ethical, legal, and not to the detriment of others.
    • Users are responsible for the licenses of the software installed in their computer.
    • Users are responsible for any and all activities initiated from their computer.
    • Users are responsible for the security settings of their computer or notebook systems.
    • Users have the right to access the campus network and Internet and use applications including e-mail, FTP, Telnet, WWW, news and etc.
  • Users of Wi-Fi network whom violate the terms and conditions set forth in this document will result in temporary or permanent loss of the access privilege to Wi-Fi network. Offences which are in violation of law usually will result in immediate loss of access privilege of Wi-Fi network and will be reported to the appropriate school or law enforcement authorities.
    • Users should understand the Best Practices For Accessing Public Wi-Fi Service and also take extra cautions when using the Wi-Fi service.
  • Staff Rights and Responsibilities
    • The Wi-Fi at our campus is provided only to aid the academic activities at school. Please understand we are using third party vendors to set it up hence we do not undertake any responsibility in terms of uptime, availability, setup of a student computer or with any loss due to the use of school WiFi. The school cannot be held responsible for use of this service
    • We reserve the right to discontinue providing this free service if users are found misusing this privilege in any manner. Please understand as if one or two users misusing the service might result in loss of this privilege for all users
    • This service is provided on a fair use policy, any students downloading files which are not relevant to the work may result in strict disciplinary actions
  • Enforcement: Wi-Fi network users violating the guidelines and policies set forth in this document may result in temporary or permanent loss of the access privilege to the Wi-Fi network. Offenses which are in violation of local laws usually result in immediate loss of access privilege to the Wi-Fi network, and will be reported to the appropriate School and law enforcement authorities.

The management reserves the right to modify, cancel this service or its policy in any manner without any prior notice.